NEWS: We Accept Payment for Content Services in Bitcoin or Ethereum


Are we the first agency accepting payment for marketing services in Ethereum or Bitcoin in Ireland? If so, then we are certainly not going to be the last. It is time to move towards a cashless world. When cash is no longer king who takes over the reign? At Crafted Reach we are firm believers that crypto currencies are the future. We have studied the … Read More

Mapping Your digital Transformation in 10 steps


What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the integration technology into an existing area of your business that may rely on manual processes. The use of digital technologies can improve business processes that are outdated, enhance customer experiences when they engage with products or services and make is easier for employees to communicate within an organisation. Digital transformation is an ongoing activity that should be … Read More

7 UX Tips for Homepage Design


As your shop window, the Homepage is a crucial component of your website. When designing the homepage there are many user friendly ideas to consider. Here are 7 UX tips for homepage design to keep in mind: Make sure that it is mobile friendly Group Related Information Together Tell your story backwards, start at the end with a CTA Add Creative Fonts and Weights Use … Read More

Create content for every stage of the customer journey


How can you reach your target audience at the exact time when they need your services or want your product? It is all about matching the types of content to user behavior at different stages of the buying process. For example, is your content appearing in the inspiration stage when they are just considering what holidays to go on and is your content appearing in … Read More

Using nostalgia to increase brand awareness


I bet that you have said “that reminds of a time when…” or “when I see that colour I always think of…” or “this time of the year makes me feel…”, this is our memory tapping into our senses. Our associations with the past, either positive or negative, can have a major influence on our buying behavior. This is why it is important to factor … Read More

Essential Elements of great copywriting


A key way to differentiate your brand from your competitors is to develop your brand voice using clear, creative messages to promote your products and services. Clever content design and words can help you to build your brand personality. So what are the essential elements of great copywriting when you are writing for your brand? We will outline why creative copy works, the types of … Read More

using social media for customer service? here is a list of don’ts


Social media has become so much more than a tool for marketers and brands to promote their products and services. It is now the number one channel where people turn to when they want to complain, talk to a company representative, review a product or shame a brand. With all of this in mind we need to be mindful how we react to our mentions … Read More

Most popular hashtags for irish businesses on twitter


Hashtags go hand in hand with your social media strategy and you need to consider using them for all of your tweets and instagram posts but it is often difficult to know what hashtags to use and when to use them. Here we provide a helpful list of the top hashtags that are being used by SME’s and all businesses across Ireland. General IrishBusiness Hashtags … Read More

Every Organisation needs a Chief innovator


Last year I read a very interesting article in Stratgyzer about why every organisation needs a Chief Entrepreneur. Here I will outline why we believe a Chief Innovator may be a better hire for your organisation in the future. Although I agree with the core message being that organisations need one person to champion the future of the company who will inspire other staff to … Read More

Reach your goals: 5 business podcasts to keep you motivated


As long time believers in life long learning we are always ready to get some extra advice, training and tips. Business podcasts are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone hoping to learn from the experts. From in depth conversations with leading researchers to creative storytelling that will give your brain fuel and power your imagination. We have come up with 8 podcasts that … Read More