Online Digital Workshops

Learn how to create and implement effective digital marketing campaigns.



Each online class is 2 – 5 hours and includes a professional brainstorming session.


Each workshop is delivered online with access to all materials upon completion.


Expert Led training with over 25 years combined experience.

By combining online knowledge and onsite training we can help you to design the best digital strategy and focus on generating the right type of content to attract your next customers. We conduct both offline and online workshops where we get hands on with your brand and help you to build a long term digital marketing plan. All of our workshops are tailored to your needs.

We have been working with start-ups and organisations hoping to pivot their businesses. Every business is unique with different online marketing opportunities. It is our job to help you reach our to your target audience using the right digital platforms.

Why Team Up with the writing studio for your next Online Content Workshop?

We are passionate about delivering the very best content solutions. From long form articles to engaging infographics we know the power of content marketing and how it can assist brand marketing efforts. Just think about all of the content that you consume on a weekly basis? Now think about the content that is created for your organisation. If you feel that you can grow, learn and achieve more with your content marketing efforts than we are here to help. Join us for our Advanced Content workshop today.

Content is the life force of marketing today and takes a variety of forms on the web: blog posts, social media posts, video and web pages. Content can be well-written, researched and creatively conceived, but if it isn’t speaking to your target audience, it’s not doing its job. Writing copy that converts is a skill but it is a skill that can be acquired. In our content workshops we will assess your brand, discover topics together and devise a winning content strategy that converts website visitors into customers.



    How long does each webinar last?
    Our digital training lasts approximately 2 – 5 hours with a question and answer session at the end of each session.

    Do I need to have a digital marketing background?
    For the standard Digital Marketing Strategy workshop you don’t need any previous experience in Digital Marketing. With the Advanced content marketing webinar it is useful to have had some experience writing or creative some forms of content for business purposes in the past.

    How do I sign up?
    You can sign up to the webinars anytime using our online forms. Once you book a session we will liaise with you to confirm availability and the date and time that suits both you and the trainer.

    How much are the online workshops?
    Each workshop is between 150 – 300 EU and tailored to ensure that you make the most of every session. The courses will change over time based on the needs of our current clients but the price will remain the same.

    Will there be a Q&A session?
    Yes, we include a question and answer session with every webinar.

    Can I get help with some of my marketing initiatives after the webinar?
    Yes, our team are happy to liaise with you and arrange a separate session to focus.